Bia Thompson, Residential and Commercial Real Estate Appraiser

Bia Thompson

About Bia Thompson

With over 15 years in the real estate industry as a Residential Property Appraiser, Bia started his own appraisal company in 2006, (Respected Home Value, Inc.) where he applied his passion for real estate appraising with one major goal in mind, to uphold public trust in the real estate community by mastering his skills, knowledge and maintaining integrity by always pursuing the highest level of quality in his appraisal work.

As a Commercial/Industrial Senior Appraiser in the state government sector both in Georgia and Florida, Bia has extensive knowledge and experience in commercial real estate valuations, specializing in analyzing income streams, market data, construction cost analysis and land valuation.

Raised in a “real estate family” originally from Los Angeles California, Bia moved to Atlanta after attending Howard University in Washington D.C. and receiving his Bachelor’s Degree in Business.  For the past 25 years Bia has developed and cultivated relationships with business associates and friends from all walks of life and has become an expert on Metro Atlanta’s real estate market.

As an Atlanta resident since 1994, Bia is a proud and enthusiastic member of the community and enjoys golf, exploring new developments around the city and showing clients the best that Atlanta has to offer.

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