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A Competitive Market Analysis, or CMA, is used to determine a list price when selling a home.

One of our agents will gather all available details of your property and examine your home’s style, square footage, recent renovations, amenities, number of bathrooms, location, etc. The agent will look at recent similar sales in your neighborhood that have recently sold or that were listed and did not sell. This analysis will determine the value of your home.

Home prices can change quickly depending on the market.  Even a sale just a year ago can be outdated. Our comparisons are kept within the shortest time available data supports to provide the most accurate idea of your home’s worth.

If you're going to sell your home, we'll provide a Competitive Market Analysis which will aim get the highest sales price that sales data supports. Enter your info below and we'll provide you a free online CMA. For an even more accurate CMA, contact us to ask for an agent to visit your home today.

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