Beltline Projects on the Eastside Trail

The Beltline continues to develop just like the properties surrounding it. The Beltline and it’s surrounding properties have seen a 70% and 60% increase in office and retail rent prices over 5 years, respectively, according to a recent CBRE report.

There are two projects happening right now near North Ave. Crews are doing work on the north side of North Ave, on the westside adjacent to Midtown Place shopping center, home to Whole Foods, TJ Maxx and Home Depot. Could they be building an access ramp to the shopping center? We hope so. It would make it so much easier to access Whole Foods on foot or bike from the Beltline. Much easier for a quick snack or some light grocery shopping on foot or bike.

I’ll be the first to admit I miss riding to the Beltline Kroger, but it will soon be reopening. Crews have already made changes to the Beltline access point in front of the new Kroger building. The pedestrian bridge is now closed just south of the Kroger, on the south side of North Ave. A new segment of the trail is being poured on the eastern bridge over North Ave according to the Beltline. This was always intended to be the pedestrian bridge apparently and explains why the Beltline has an odd lane-switch in that area. We can likely expect that will no longer be the case when completed. A temporary trail has replaced the current trail during construction. We’ll keep you updated.

New Beltline Kroger on North Ave.

Further south along the Beltline near the Krog Street Market, between The Stoveworks and StudioPlex, a connecting segment is being completed too. It will allow “Beltliners” to continue traveling from it’s original endpoint at Irwin St to the new section through Krog St tunnel and into Cabbagetown.

Beltline Eastside Trail Connection

Beltline Eastside Trail connection between Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward near Krog St tunnel.

Beltline Eastside Trail connection between Inman Park and Old Fourth Ward near Krog St tunnel.

Beltline Eastside Trail Connection

The line is being extended to, and across, Memorial Drive just a bit further south at the southern edge of Cabbagetown. This will allow for easy access to Atlanta Dairies, Madison Yards and the new Modera Reynoldstown.

Beltline Eastside TRail extension to Memorial Drive and Madison Yards.

Atlanta Dairies on Memorial Drive

Madison Yards near the Beltline Eastside TRail extension to Memorial Drive.

The Beltline has a long way to go until it’s finished. Check back for updates.


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